Doing Basic SEO by yourself?

Here are our SEO experts’ guidance, following section is all about making sure that our business shows up in the search engines when it matters most.

First of all, we need to know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the structured process of getting your web pages indexed and making them rank organically on the search engine results page.

How do we maintain basic activities of SEO by own if we have budget constrain?

It is true that SEO results take time & consistent efforts to rank our keywords over search engines and we need a team of professional SEO experts to work for the same.

As per our SEO specialist guidance for the individual who wants to do basic SEO by themselves, we shall implement the following methods and it may not give the top-ranking but it will surely help them to improve the brand, product, or services on the internet presence.

  1. Domain Name & Age of Domain Name:  it is always better if we use the .com domain which is worldwide recognized and buy an old trusted domain that gives more reliability and trust to search engines, we as SEO company in Dubai assist our client to buy the  high ranking domain for quick results. 
  2. Website Hosting & Location: As per our SEO experts’ guidance choosing hosted server resources & the location of the hosted server is very important.
    • Speed of server gives more quick response to the website visitors & location of server performs well technically if it’s in the same region or near region, we can use CDN (Content Delivery Network) if in case we have heavy size content on our website.
    • A visitor makes up his mind in 3 seconds whether he wants to stay on the page or leave, so if in case the website takes more time to load there are high chances of bounce rates which are one major drawback for not ranking over the search engine.
  3. Secure website (SSL Certificate): website security is a must to create a secure connection between your website and visitors, search engines may reject the website which is not secure for their visitors. We as SEO agency Dubai assist the client to buy reliable security certificates based on the need of a website.
  4. Website Optimization: Website optimization is required to have a responsive experience to the website visitors so they spend more time on your website, Search engine mechanism works for a reliable website.
  5. Error Free Website: Making sure that your website doesn’t have broken links and each URL of a page is working smoothly and functioning.
  6. User-friendly interface: the website you be user friendly to the visitors. Making it easier for them to understand your website and content.
  7. Keyword research: A good SEO campaign relies on keyword research:
    • Understand the words or phrases used by real searchers.
    • Determine the keywords to be targeted.
    • Analyze the demand for your product.
    • Marketers tend to assume the keywords that can be searched by the people but don’t do that as we don’t know what people can search for which products. Instead, use keyword research tools. We provide SEO services in Dubai & know better-paid or free tool for Most quantitative and accurate research, you can use Google keyword planner which is a free keyword research tool, though you will need an active google ads campaign to access the most useful data.
  8. Meta Tags and Meta titles: Keep your Meta tags and meta titles attractive and keyword-rich which are relevant to your website. Your Meta tags and meta title should be good enough to attract a searcher to your page, as searchers can only see your meta titles and meta tags on the search results.
  9. Competitor research: Understand your competition and study them. How your competitors drive organic traffic to their website? What content themes are they covering? How is their website structure?
    • Not only research about the website which sells the same services and website but also informational sites and big retailers that compete for the same keyword phrase.
  10. Keyword mapping: Research what keywords and search phrases your audience use, and then map your keywords and search phrases across your website in the relevant pages or URLs. Use Long-tail keywords that have low search volume in comparison to broad keywords but a more engaging audience. By using Long-tail keywords you can specifically target your audience, for eg: ‘T-shirt manufacturer in Dubai ‘ targeting specific searchers finding for T-shirt manufacturers in Dubai.
  11. SEO optimized links: Meaning link that specifies the page content for eg: If there is a page of X company showing T-shirts, so the link should be: <> , your link should specify the page content in broad terms.
  12. Link building: Link building is the process of increasing quality backlinks or number and quality of inbound links (referring) to a web page. You have to make sure that the external links to your website should be of high quality. You will have to identify high-quality websites or web pages that are relevant to your content. You will have to make your content valuable to the site owner and then you will have to directly reach out to the site owner requesting a link.
  13. Create engaging content: The content on the website should be engaging, as one the primary factor in search engine ranking is visitor retention or span of time customer uses your website. While making content for your website you have to keep in mind that the visitor’s purpose should be solved. You should post regularly (At least once a week). Consistent posting and Creating engaging content for the audience gives long-term benefits in SEO.
  14. Building social media presence: Building a social media presence will help you to increase your engagement with your audience. It will even help in increasing your audience and page visitors. The better your presence on the internet is the better you will perform on search engines. But you will have to remember that you will have to be an active user of platforms you are using, with consistent posting.
  15. Business listing and Local SEO: It is one of the best methods to generate new leads and attract more visitors to your website. Registering your business on good business listing websites like Clutch, 2GIS, and yellow pages, etc. will make your website more visible to the relevant audience. Google business listing can be one of the best ways to show your local presence, create a detailed google my business profile.