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How to increase your followers and engagement over Instagram ?

Before we start our Instagram marketing we should make sure that our profile is optimized not only on Instagram but in every social media profile that the company or individuals are maintaining should be optimized, this is called social media marketing optimization.

Your social media intro pages & profiles pages should have very relevant and to the point content about company and services we offer, maintaining same content as uniform over all the social media platforms helps followers to recognize brand or company including building of trust.

Everything from your products and services to values, to talking about social issues that really concern the company. Create a social media presence that is a mirror to your company.

Your social media optimization starts from your bio. A Bio is ‘your company described in 150 characters’ or more may vary at specific platform, it can be a Brand slogan, company motto, or value that your company is built on or just briefing of your company products. It should describe your company accurately.

The next step is linking your company website, and putting all the information that Instagram asks for, to complete your profile 100% ready.

Now we are ready to take our brand to the next step which is building a loyal and engaging audience, by using these 5 steps you will be able to build a relevant audience and loyal customer base.

  1. Regular Posting: In 2017, a study made by a visual marketing tool & social media marketing agency observed 100,000 profiles to understand how relevant posting frequency affects followers’ growth and engagement. And it was found that regular relevant content posting has a direct effect on increasing followers and engagement. Regular posting will keep your audience engaged with your content, and it will attract new followers who find your content relevant to them.

  1. Quality Content: This is one of the most important point to remember while creating your Instagram post, your company should have high-quality content. Every Instagram post should be given time and effort to deliver the best content, to have quality content, we can reach to the social media marketing services company to build one as per requirement.
    • In that way, you unlock your way to a large audience, as if your content is performing well then your post may get suggested to a large number of people in their explore section with similar interest and attracting them towards your page. Instagram posts with high-quality content have the potential to go mini-viral directly to their relevant audience.
  1. Video Marketing: It’s no secret that video marketing is the future of marketing, many researchers have found that people prefer watching a video rather than reading a text, which proves that people love to get engaged with videos. There are types of videos that you can upload over Instagram like story updates, Instagram lives, IGTV, and the new feature Instagram reels. Your video doesn’t always need to be highly animated or edited video, it can be as simple as a conversational video and we shall take help to build or take idea for same from one of the best social media marketing agency in Dubai. Having a conversation with your audience replying to their queries or sharing your knowledge about your industry.

  1. Find your audience: Study and use quality hashtags, using the right hashtags and location unlock your content to a large number of audiences. It is easier for the Instagram algorithm to find similar interests if the right hashtags are used.

  1. Influencer marketing or collaborations: One of the best ways to increase your reach and boost your following is collaborations or influencer marketing. Through influencer marketing you can get reach a large number of audiences of your selected collaborated influencer, it builds a new audience’s trust over your company and will generate an interest in your content. Companies that are not able to afford influencer can reach to the social media marketing agency to organize a deal to collaborate with other profiles who have similar interests as your audience to share your audience with each other.